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Saturday, October 22, 2016
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psTrack is a Web-based Project Management and Helpdesk Solution. psTrack acts a central repository of information between consultants and their client base, using role-based security to set permissions for Internal and External (customers) users.

Tridex Systems psTrack

Professional Service Organizations

  • Software Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Service Organizations

Internal Service Organization

  • Helpdesk Staff
  • IT Departments
  • Office Managers and Finance Staff

Some product features are:

  • View assigned tasks and enter your time
  • Manage various contract matrixes
  • Perform billing runs with the click of a button
  • Access you database from anywhere
  • Import and Export capabilities
  • Email Response Management
  • Give users a 360% picture of your projects and resources
  • Manage customer and staff utilization by reviewing projects and issues daily time entry
  • Improve your service by providing customers with detailed and itemized statements
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psTrack is developed using current .NET Encrypted and SSL Compliant for increased performance, better security, easy application deployment and simplified development efforts for shorter release cycles. Its open architecture also allows for integration to accounting and ERP software.